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Progress on Canna Lily : Stage Two

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I am done with all my underpainting. Underpainting in watercolor is effective only if you use transparent watercolor paints since you want the base color to be seen through the subsequent layers. Here the violet underpainting did most of the work in values. So the top red layers of the flower petals  must include the values indirectly from the violet underpainting. I made the values in violet underpainting a little bit weaker than the actual values because I can make the values darker with the subsequent layers.  I think I have made myself clear in what I intend to convey. Let me know otherwise.


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July 11, 2010 at 5:52 am

Progress on Canna Lily

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You can see my current progress on my neighbor’s canna lily. This time I am working on Ampersand Aquabord™ panel. You can do the preliminary drawing in pencil directly on the surface. The pencil lines can be erased away with a kneaded eraser. My cannas are red in color but the yellow and the purple that you see in the image are underpainting. The yellows are the areas exposed to the sunlight and the purple are the shadow areas. I am hoping that it will work out as I want for this painting. The finished size is 15 by 11 inches. I plan to paint bigger sizes in the future.

P.S:  Jerry’s Artarama Catalog says that we can frame watercolors on Aquabord™ panels without glass after sealing the Aquabord™ with several coats ( 3 minimum) of Krylon® UV-Resistant  Clear Coating #1305(gloss) or #1309(matte). You can use 2 coats of Golden® Plymer varnish over the clear coating for additional protection. I think floater frames are the best for these panels.

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July 7, 2010 at 9:31 pm