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Spring Has Arrived Version 2 in Progress

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This time around I want to do the same pink magnolia in watercolor. I am using a gessoed hardboard that has been coated with Schminke Aqua primer. If you apply this primer on any surface, you can use it for watercolor painting. Now that I am painting on this surface, I can’t say that I am exactly fond of it. From my experience I can say that you need to use feather-light pressure with the brush when you apply the paint. Fewer glazings the better since the paint just sit on the surface. So plan very well when you want to layer the painting. The good news is that you can scrub it back to its white surface if the paint is not staining. I can say that beginner watercolorist can easily get disappointed if they use this surface. It is not as absorbent as nor as much forgiving as Ampersand Aquabord. Since I have never used Yupo surface, I can’t  do any comparison there. But I am sure  it must not be as slick as Yupo surface because I am using a fine-textured Aqua primer for this surface.  You can say that it is definitely not like painting on a cold-pressed watercolor paper. I am learning through trial and error to understand how I can paint on the primed surface. I guess once you learn the quirkiness of the surface, you can successfully paint with watercolor on it.

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May 15, 2011 at 9:25 pm

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