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Mallard In Flight

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I have been wanting to paint a bird again. The talented photographers from paintmyphoto post stunning pictures of birds to tempt artists like us to use them as reference images. I have utmost respect for them in sharing their images, especially when there is no way I can take such action shots. I am also indebted to them for giving me the inspiration to paint birds when I never even considered the possibility of doing it. I thought I would quietly be lulled into complacency with painting mostly floral.

9 by 13 inches on 140 lb. Kilimanjaro

Reference photo by Rodney Campbell from


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May 28, 2013 at 1:24 pm

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Forlorn Angel

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This painting is almost 9 by 13 inches on 140 lb. Winsor and Newton Watercolor paper. I recently bought a sampler pack of various watercolor paper. I really liked painting on cold-pressed W&N paper. It can take layers of painting and handles scrubbing well. I did an awful lot of masking fluid and lots of stippling on the statue. I used the masking fluid container with the micronib attachment which allowed me to make tiny dots throughout the statue. I had to use layer after layers of stippling with a pointed round brush until I was satisfied with the result. But splattering would have been easier, but sometimes I torture myself with these time consuming techniques.

I tried using Holbein watercolor paints for the first time. I used Verditer Blue the most on the statue. I mixed it with burnt sienna to get that beautiful cement blue-gray color on the statue.

Reference photo by Bobbie Cook  from

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May 6, 2013 at 1:04 am

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